About our Certified Organic Grass Hay

Our native meadows contain a nutritious mixture of grasses that yield premium organic grass hay. At the high elevations of the San Luis Valley, the cooler night temperatures result in a vigorous, slow-growing grass that is rich in vitamins and protein. In addition, we use no artificial pesticides and are certified organic by the USDA. Our native and highly nutritious grass is what we are known for among our customers.

As with our alfalfa, we bale our hay and store it under shelter, protecting it from moisture and mold. Our bales weigh approximately 1,000 pounds and are available for purchase in varying quantities. We grow hay for dairy cows, horses, and dry cows. You may pick up at our ranch or request delivery for a fee.

How to Purchase

Our prices are competitive and vary depending on market rates. For more information about our certified organic grass hay, inventory and pricing, please call (719) 937-1591 or (719) 992-1973.

Call Us (719) 937-1591 or (719) 992-1973

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